Different types of automatic gates

You have decided to install an automatic gate but have no clue about the choices that might suit your requirements best. To begin with, automated doors are used to control access to a secure place. Automated doors can be used both in interior and exterior areas. While, in the interiors, you may used it for the garage, as an exterior gate it is used to control vehicular access off and on the site. There are two different types of electrical gates, many different automatic gate options available these days.

The Swing Gate is among the oldest ones that have been used which were at first operated manually. It is only recently that these doors have been mechanised. A swing gate may have either a single panel or a double panel. Double panel swing gates are used more in bigger properties whose entrance needs a larger double panel to accommodate it. A swing gate can be of a different material from wood to aluminium and wrought iron. This kind of gate can swing both outward and inward when put to use.

Sliding Gate as the name suggested slides itself to let vehicles in. In the past, this type of gate too has been used manually. This kind of gate is a good fit for a residence located on a busy street to allow for a quick opening that doesn't take up too much space as it opens. Like the swing gate, the slide gate too comes in wood, aluminium and wrought iron.

Among the swing and slide gates, there are various kinds of automated gates as well that either work with the help of pulleys or are powered by batteries.

The automatic detection gates for instance swing outwards or inwards once they detect a vehicle is appearing. However, even then, someone needs to push the button for the gate to operate. The battery powered gates are yet another kind that has an advantage over electric gates connected to the power grid. For further information on electric gates see website

Th newest of the lot is the solar powered gates. Those in favour of green energy should install the solar powered gates. Solar panels are located near the gate that collect sunlight energy and turn it into electrical energy and store it in a battery. This stored energy is used whenever the gates open or close.

Apart from the swing and slide gate which are commonly used, others which are less popular but find use in many households and housing colonies are the vertical pivot lift gate, Bi-folding gate and the barrier arm gate among others.

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