How to find a good divorce solicitor


Selecting the right attorney to handle your personal affairs is as important as finding the right doctor to tend to your personal health and well being. Finding the right professional can be a daunting task. These five tips will help you to find the divorce lawyer that is right for you and your situation.

1. Specialty
First and foremost, look for an attorney that specializes in divorce law. This professional will be most knowledgeable of applicable rules and the emotions of those going through divorce. The right solicitor will understand divorce and be able to help you through all aspects of your divorce.

2. Personality
The right lawyer is calm, cool, collected, and takes the time to listen and relay your expectations to avoid misunderstandings. Divorce is a difficult time for all involved. Divorce is equatable to death and you will go through many of the same five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). Your solicitor should be considerate, intelligent and someone you are comfortable conversing with. If you know anyone that has gone through or is going through a divorce, ask for the recommendations and experiences with their solicitor.

3. Affordability
Many factors play into how affordable a solicitor is. If you do not have many assets to divide and no children, you should pick an attorney that will be more affordable. If you have a large amount of assets and custody will be an issue, you should pick the high-powered attorney. Discuss the solicitor fees at your first visit and whether they will charge you an hourly or a flat rate fee.

4. Forthright
Your lawyer should be candid with you, as well as, an expert in divorce laws. A good divorce solicitor will be honest and tell you of any possible adverse outcomes. Your attorney should remind you of important matters and those that you should or should not pursue. If a rational custody agreement is the most important element of your divorce, your solicitor should not continually return to financial discussions.

5. Jurisdiction
It is best to retain an attorney that practices in the same jurisdiction that your divorce will be filed in. The local solicitor will be more knowledgeable of court filings and procedures in the area their practice is located. Do not hesitate to contact a number of divorce lawyers and discuss your expectations and specific situation with them before making your final decision.

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How to find a good divorce solicitor

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