The Advantages of Using PVC Fascia Boards over the Typical Wood Based Products

There is nothing more annoying than needing to replace rotten fascia boards on your home. Over time the water running off the roof will deteriorate the protective layer of paint and destroy the fascia on your house. This problem must be address very quickly or the water will begin to seep into the soffit and walls causing serious damage. Thankfully there is a solution which eliminates any possibility of decay or damage to the fascia by using a PVC based material. The advantages of using PVC fascia boards are numerous. They include the perks of being impervious to water degradation and having practically no maintenance.

PVC is a plastic based material that will not rot. This makes it a perfect option for the fascia which endures persistent water exposure. There are two ways to install PVC fascia which include covering the material with a clad or installing solid PVC boards. The option you choose will depend on the amount of deterioration already incurred. In either case the PVC fascia provides a far superior protective layer just painting a wood base product.

Because PVC is plastic it is a low to no maintenance product. A typical fascia product requires painting which provides a preventive coating for protection. This layer of paint will begin to fail as it is subjected to varying temperatures, sun exposure, and water. As it fails the wood underneath is no longer guarded against rotting. On the other end of the spectrum PVC does not require painting for a buffer between it and the elements because it is not subject to disintegrating like its wood based competitors.

This means that you will not have to climb a ladder to paint it or repair rotten areas. All you have to do is install it and relax while your neighbors constantly repair the fascia on their house.
The advantages of using PVC fascia boards over the typical wood based options shows that PVC is a far superior choice for your home. Its ability to resist the forces of Mother Nature and maintain its beauty without the help of you is a benefit that is not found in products that must be painted.

The PVC offers a better protective layer than any paint will provide. Its innate characteristic for no maintenance will provide you with more time to enjoy your home.


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Advantages of Using PVC Fascia Boards over the Typical Wood Based Products

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