What To See And Do In Jersey

Jersey, or also known as the Bailiwick of Jersey is just off the coast of France. This island is owned by the Common Travel Area but under the constitution of the United Kingdom. Jersey is approximately forty six miles long and approximately 88 miles nautical. The weather in the summer is cool and the summer days do not get to hot. The land is covered with many grassy hill, with terrain and a few cliffs. There are currently about eighty eighty thousand people that live on the island and the majority of the locals are of Portuguese descent.

There are many things that Jersey offers to locals and tourists. The first place to visit in Jersey is Plemont Bay. It is right in the corner of Jersey. It is best to go there at sunset and take a long walk down the beach and you will be at the Bay. Before you reach the bay, most people stop and eat dinner at the café that sits right before the bay. The café also has great breakfast food if you ever want to go to the bay for a sunrise.

Another cool place to go is the Jersey War Tunnels - German Underground Hospitals. These tunnels give a great tour of historical images, sounds and items. In the tunnels the tours come with the game that is very fun to play. They give you identify cards and you play a roll playing game to figure out if you live or are killed. The identity card you are give have actual people who were on jersey island and it helps you feel part of the experience.

A great way to get around the Island is to rent a vehicle and car hire Jersey should be able to help you.

The Jersey zoo is quite interesting and there are many great things to experience at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Jersey Zoo. It does not have the traditional animals that a regular zoo would have but it does give people the opportunities to see the endangered species. There are lots of souvenir shops, gift shops and little cafes inside the zoo that serves breakfast, lunch and dessert.

Jersey has a lot of great things to see and a lot of great things to do. After visiting these places also go and see the Corbiere Lighthouse, Amaizin Maze at La Houge Farm, Battle Of Flowers Museum, Mont Orgueil Castle at Saint Martin, Reg’s Garden, The Channel Islands Military Museum and Elizabeth Castle named after Queen Elizabeth 1.



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What To See And Do In Jersey

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