Laws On Using GSM Gateway

GSM gateways are created in order to allow fixed telephone networks to be able to work via a mobile phone. These moible phones are directly linked to mobile networks. The Wireless Telegraphy Exemptions Regulations also does not cover GSM systems. According to the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949, it required that wireless telegraphy devices to be licensed, which means these devices are considered illegal. Any person who installs a GSM gateway device application without being licensed has violated the law of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949.

Many customers are able to use handsets which are mobile without the need for licensing. This is permitted under the Examption Regulations. New equipment and devices that are not considered mobile are not covered by the Regulations. It also depends on the type of device it is, which can be considered a failure to Regulation 4. This policy states that certain equipment cannot be used as a telecommunication services.

The RA has planned to reconstruct many of their policies and laws in relations to certain requirements for manufacturers and other parties. This is because many licensed networks who have permission to use these type of devices are now suffering. It has been determined that certain measures should be taken to go about making these changes. In accordance to this, the RA has drafted a consultation for the change of regulatory issues which can address some of these problems. This draft should be able to call for a closer look into how these problems can be solved by amending some of the regulations.

Since some of the laws are not really clear about the use of GMS gateway, customers and manufacturers are unsure what their limits are. Some customers have reported wanting to use SIM cards with gateways and feel they cannot always trust the provider (unless they are nationally known). Some providers claim to look out for two words; 'routing' and 'equipment'. Since most gateways are used to route calls and store data, it is impossible to make a call directly from it as well. Devices that do not have features such as keypads, microphones, speakers, etc can not legally be called a mobile device.

When a gateway exchanges data from the GSM provider, then it is legally classified as a router. Even though these clarifications have been made several times by providers, the rules are very unclear and this is why a reform for regulations regarding GSM gateways is underway.


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Laws On Using GSM Gateway

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